Marcus Garvey Africa

“ Wealth is liberty” – Marcus Garvey

We at Marcus Garvey live by this motto. It is our daily mantra and serves as the driving credo behind everything we do. We are driven by the desire to achieve liberation through financial success, which in turn will enable liberation of the mind, body and soul for all

Our philosophy is to gain wealth without doing harm, and in harmony with the laws of the universe and the Creator. Our symbol is the Conquering Lion, and it embodies the principles of fearlessness, tradition, respect, perseverance, creativity and

courage which is manifest in everything we think, say and do.
The Marcus Garvey Brand is inspired by and takes its name from the great African leader, philosopher and businessman, Marcus Garvey, who led the first great Black consciousness and economic liberation movement in the early decades of the 20th century.

Whilst many African peoples have risen and succeeded in their personal lives since then, none have come close to achieving this success on a global level as and his movement did. We aim to humbly make up the banner that Marcus Garvey raised and follow in his footsteps…

Marcus Garvey Africa is a multifaceted communications and entertainment company based in Johanessburg South Africa. Founded by Shingirayi Sabeta, who serves as Executive Director, the company provides services and products across advertising and branding; music & film; entertainment; publications and apparel.

We see ourselves at marcus Garvey as being part of the vanguard for a new way of doing things in Africa, doing them better and doing them differently.

Welcome to a new African era…